The Impact of ES

ES is a long term strategy...

ES is a long-term strategy to develop the leadership potential of capable young students from segments of society underrepresented in our region. ES provides a 14-month tuition free academic and leadership program designed to prepare rising 5th graders for acceptance into independent school. ES then offers sustained support to its graduates through college and beyond to ensure that students remain on-track to achieve their full potential.

ES is a vehicle for social change which seeks out the best and brightest young people who are willing to accept the challenge of transforming their lives. ES is an affirmation that potential for academic excellence exists at all economic levels.


15 years of educating children, shaping lives & preparing leaders.


ES Success is Scholar Success!

At Emerging Scholars, the success of our scholars is our success. ES measures our efficacy by acceptance, enrollment and graduation rates; as well as the growth and achievements of ES participants throughout middle school, high school, college and beyond.

  • Over 200 Scholars Academy graduates have successfully enrolled in over 50 DC metropolitan area independent schools, receiving over $20,000,000 in need-based scholarships. 
  • 100% of ES students graduate high school, many scholars having earned top honors and competitive grants, such as the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship and the Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholarship.
  • In 2015, 100% of Cohort 4 Emerging Scholars graduated high school and have been accepted to college, including such prestigious institutions as Columbia University, Duke University, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia and the College of William and Mary.

“100% of scholars  who attend independent schools enroll in  4-year colleges.”

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Your Impact: Get Involved in ES!

 Because the services provided by Emerging Scholars are offered to families at no financial cost, ES depends entirely on you, our generous donors. Emerging Scholars is 100% privately funded by those who understand and are committed to social change through education.  By nurturing, guiding and offering educational opportunities to a diverse student body, ES is a catalyst for social change, providing our global society with the critically needed leaders of tomorrow. Your investment in ES is an investment in our collective future.

ES in turn works to deepen and strenthen our relationships with donors and encourages them to actively particiapte in the organization. For example, ES welcomes guests to visit the Scholars Academy to learn more about the program firsthand and to meet the scholars. The ES Speaker Series invites donors and volunteers to provide their unique insight and to engage the students, who are curious and eager to learn about them.  Please contact ES if you would like to visit and/or share your story with our bright, hard-working boys and girls or learn more about their unique and heart-warming journeys.

Emerging Scholars students have overcome many obstacles to succeed and it is only through your contributions that we are able invest in these leaders of tomorrow. Please consider making a gift to ES, knowing that we will be good stewards of your resources. Your generosity will be returned in the satisfaction of witnessing how much a child can benefit from a dollar, an hour of your time or a word of encouragement. Your support will change lives.


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